Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I haven't had a Thankful Thursday post in a very long time.  I continue to be thankful every day of the week... but I wanted to express  special thanks on this day.....

1.  I am thankful that Bre made it up to West Yellowstone to be with her Addison boyfriend.   They were apart for 2 weeks, and now they are back singing and dancing together night and day and getting paid for it.  Bre left the South Pacific run a week early so she could start her Playmill time. They have their own little apartment and are happy that there is only a little snow left in the Park. We can't wait to go up and see them!!

2.  I am thankful for Laila day.   Her "gotcha" day is May 15th.  We celebrated by getting her KFC (Landon and I watched her eat while we sucked up another green smoothie), going to the Chimpanzee movie ( we all loved it, and who knew it was about a little chimp being adopted....darling),  playing in the park and shopping.

3.  I am thankful my parents are  heading to Scotland in just a few, short days.  They have wonderful neighbor friends who are taking them.  When Mom and Dad couldn't go with Wayne and I to pick up Truman we thought their Scotland days might be over, but the awesome Ericksons have come to their rescue.  They are going to help them through the airports and drive the rental cars and fetch and carry and help make this trip amazing for my momma and daddy-o!  The Sharkeys and McLeans are thrilled that the Coles will be back in Scotland!

4.  I'm thankful that we are almost at the end of the school year.  Only 2 weeks to go...then FREEDOM....sleeping in, swimming,  sunshine and road trips!

5.  I'm thankful my green smoothie/raw commitment is almost at an end.  I  want me some HOT food..and I want it NOW!.  It hasn't been too bad actually-- I have only "cheated" on a bite here and there.   I feel detoxed and I have lost 12 pounds.  It has definitely helped Landon's head.  He has gone from 80 hours of migraines a week to 25.  Landon still has headaches, but he can handle those. He is going to continue to eat Vegan and mostly green smoothies for another month.  Wayne and I are doing green smoothies every morning...and adding other whole, good foods in for our meals.  NO more boxed, canned or microwaved food for us.    I hope I can walk the walk ( or should I say eat the eat?) and not just talk the talk when it comes to this NEW way of eating for our family.

6.  I'm thankful for my time in Young Women's. I got released on Sunday, and I have my Tuesday nights back now.  I love being in the YW organization.  I worked with some incredible women in our presidency...Kathleen Newman, Nan Bruske and Jan Hedberg.  I just love them all so much.  I am sad that Kathleen, aka Fearless,  and all of the Newmans are moving to China for the next 3 years.  What an amazing, inspired leader she has been.
 I wonder what my next calling will be?  I feel like a man without a country.  Nobody wants me... I'm a float.  Good thing I have my stake road show calling to keep me busy for another month.

7.  I'm thankful.

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