Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lunar Eclipse

Kimi... get off your phone and look up...there is an eclipse happening.
Wayne was looking forward to this Annular Eclipse for quite a while.   He got excited about Eclipses by talking to Pres. Eggett in our Stake Presidency.  Pres. Eggett travels all over the world to witness these solar events.  Pres. Eggett likes to tell the story of people who know about the Eclipse and witness the event by looking up and being prepared, and those who just go on about their day, looking down without any knowledge.   HE compares this to the gospel  and the coming of Jesus Christ.  It's a good analogy.

The next "big"Eclipse is in 2017 in Wyoming.  Who's coming with us????  I wonder if the Belnaps have a home in Wyoming that we can stay in???? They have 5 years to work on it.
Our impromptu Eclipse party.   The Belnaps, Farleys and Welches all traveled down to St. George for the eclipse viewing.  (Laura was just as excited as Wayne. ) The Binghams had just gotten back home to St. George, having been in Bountiful all weekend and the Lakes were in their  St. George vacay house that we all got together and worshipped the sun.
Laura taught me the words to the Johnny Cash song:  "Ring of Fire."   We all sang it when the moon was directly in front of the sun. It was phenomenal.  Such a rare event.  I was so glad to have witnessed it. There was even a temperature change when the sun was covered.
 Heidi, Laura, Me, Kimi and Diane.... with our Eclipse glasses on..... St. George was gorgeous!

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Melanie said...

Love it! If only someone had taken me :)