Sunday, May 20, 2012

South Pacific

South Pacific is finally over.  
I have seen  the show 8 times. 
It takes a lot of time to be in a show, or to have your 10 year old in a show.  Laila is basically sleep deprived and taking it out in the morning on me.  She has only missed one school that's pretty good. 
 Laila loves being on stage. It's truly fun to watch her at the end when she is greeting people .  She is very well mannered and sweet to everyone. 
 It's been a joy to watch Bre as Nellie, Landon as Lt. Cable and Laila as Ngana.  I also get a kick out of Rob Madsen as Stew Pot.  

I like this show.  It's an old musical with a great message about love and acceptance no matter what color people are.  
It was really fun for me to tell people I had three kids in the show and a brother in law.  
They were always so amazed at the talent and complimentary towards my peeps performances.

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Si said...

Great show absolutely Loved it!