Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day recap

I had my three Mother's Day phone calls... Truman, Monson and Addison.  Loved every call.
My missionary cute
  My ward handed out Nielsen's custard I will be getting a treat soon.   
 Landon......... We are so much alike.  His headaches are getting better by being on the Green Smoothie raw diet for 3 weeks.  He has a lot going on right now.  Landon is such a sweetheart.
 Bre... I love my Daughter in law.  She is a joy to be around and she loves my Addison.  No pic of Addison this year.  He is in West Yellowstone.  It was great to talk to him on the phone.  He left me a sweet message saying I was not only his mom, but his friend.  I love that!
Laila is a joy.  I am always so grateful every Mother's Day for Laila's Birth mom.  What a sacrifice she made so I could be the mom to this beautiful, bright child of God.  Laila made me a sweet card, coupons and a purse with love notes in it.  

Grandma Welch is so wonderful.  We gave her a digital frame loaded with 500 family pictures from her 9 children.  She loved it. 
My momma is just lovely.  She has taught me so much when she thought I wasn't looking.  I found this poem that says so much about her and Wanee.

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Unknown said...

What a tender, tender post. I especially love the picture of you and Landon.