Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Laila's Creative Arts Shows

Laila performed for the Creative Arts Academy  Dance show April 11.  She was in the Autumn and Michael Jackson routines. 

Laila dances with  Heather Kofford, her good friend.

Creative Arts  (and Director Megan Call) also put on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat.  I was really impressed.  It helps when there are 5 year olds all of the way up to 17 year olds on stage.  I appreciate these type of shows.  It shares the love of theatre to all ages.  
One Last Angel in Heaven

Those Canaan days.
                                       Laila with Grandma Sheri and Nash (Alex) Madsen...
                     Laila got a lot of support from her grandmas, grandpa, cousins,  brothers and of course, ME.
Laila with Max Eiting-- her good friend.
Director Megan and Laila

Laila loves hanging out with the older kids.... and being on stage.

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Rachelle said...

laila looks so beautiful and grown up!