Saturday, January 7, 2012

Monson's first letter home

Good thing I found a page two......or I would have been TICKED!   He does have a funny sense of humor though. 
Monson is enjoying his time at the MTC but all he wants is to get to MICHIGAN!  He  didn't say anything about the food..which really surprised me.    HE did say:
"Everything here is and isn't what I expected.  Anyways, I'd love to hear anything to help me grow in the gospel cause I'm still a rookie."
I like that he is sounding humble.  
I truly have just been mad at him this whole week.  Not sad that' he's gone, but mad at him and at my poor parenting skills that turned him into such a "baby."  It's amazing what he didn't get done before he left, so that's what I have been doing, for him, since.
I guess mothering is never over.
Monson unloading his bags at the curb.... Love the new drop off system!

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