Sunday, January 22, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Happy Birthday to my Truman.... he is 21 on Jan 21st.  This is his Golden Birthday.   I won't get to see what a 21 year old Truman looks like until the end of March when we go and pick him up from his mission in England.  I can't wait.  We sent him some "foot"  type things for his birthday--  all with a "Lengthen your stride,"  "Put your best foot forward" type of theme.
 Maybe Tru looks something like this.....................?

Laila turns 10, Jan 22nd.  I get to see what a 10 year old Laila looks like.... She is  petite, spunky, moody, funny, kind, loving and beautiful. We celebrated all weekend.
5 Things Laila liked about her birthday:
1.  Getting her Bedroom Makeover
2.  Having a cousin sleep over to watch movies with and play Just Dance 3
3.  Getting even more presents, even though I told her the Room re do was IT.
4.  Going to the Jazz game for the first time with her dad....and out to Arctic Circle before the game.
5.  Starting to do her own laundry.  10 is the magic age in our home where this responsibility kicks in.  She is excited and hoping she is tall enough to reach everything.  That's where stools, and her monkey-like abilities will come in handy.

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bre and add said...

Hey! We were good siblings today! wrote Truman a happy birthday email, visited laila for gift giving, and spent the whole day (and last night) with Landon. We sure missed you though!