Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What's New?

We have been working on transforming Laila's room....but we have had other "new" things happening around our home as well.   It's fun for me to re arrange and change things up.

I put my "Old King Cole" shelf in my walkway where the green bench used to live.  I love the cubbies and the music notes  on the side.
And when you see it on the front,  there's a pic of my dad....Old King Cole...  across the bottom I have the words to the nursery rhyme.  I made this years ago thinking I would put it up in the garage, but then it ended up in Monson's closet storing his jerseys and undies.   This new home suits King Cole far better.  It's filled already, so my dad's face isn't really noticeable, but I know he's there and it makes me smile.

We have taken the old big Map down and placed it up on the blue wall of  Monson's old room.  It looks fabulous there, and the new WAVE canvas  really brightens up the space.
We have been Valentine Decorating.  This is my entry table...............
Laila and I created this canvas for her room.  We mod podged on old book print, then painted up a heart in her room's colors.
I haven't had any time for knitting lately, but my sister-friend Laura has... I have three new scarves that are just gorgeous, and fun to wear.

My Sweetie brought me home beautiful roses to lift my day and brighten my dining room table.  I love this kind of NEW!!!

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Melanie said...

Your creativity is killing me! How does someone do all that you do????