Monday, January 30, 2012

Cocoa and Karaoke

We had our first...hopefully not our last.....Cole Family Cocoa and Karaoke night to celebrate January birthdays.  We have many January birthdays; Garret Brown, Ryan Call,Wayne, Truman, Laila and Christine Cole.
I set up a cocoa bar with many types of Cocoa to choose from, whip cream a variety of Marshmallows, candy bars and cinnamon mix ins.   Everyone concocted their own nummy treat.

Laila and Ryan opened presents first.  Laila's birthday just keeps going and going.  She loves her 'U" hat, fingernail polish, jewelry, drawing poster and cupcake maker!
Then the singing began!!! Landon and Megan started us off with a highschool musical rendition....
Preston was totally into it.   He helped  me out with  "Love Shack'
Jenna kept us entertained with the latest hits including....Lady Marmalade.
Pretty soon we dumped the microphones and just all sat around singing our guts out.  Big Girls Don't Cry, Sweet Caroline, Can't Take My Eyes off of You......... I'm sure it all would have sounded better if our audience was drunk......
Phantom of the Opera,  Abba, some country and of course Broadway show tunes!
It was so much fun for everyone...singers and listeners.  It was a Rockin  and Dancin' good time!!!

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Melanie said...

How many times can I say I should I am supposed to be in your family?!