Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lessons Learned

Five lessons learned this week.
1.   If you want to succeed in the school spelling bee…you have to practice.  Laila got out in round 2 with the word “obsequious.”

2.   If you want Monson to call from the airport…send clear instructions so he knows how the phone is to be used.    Monson headed to Michigan on Wednesday.  Wayne sent him a pre-paid go phone so he could call us as soon as his bags were checked in  and he wouldn’t have to be at a pay phone.  Well our plans weren’t Monson’s plans.  I was in St. George and Wayne was home.  At 5:30 am I set my alarm to wake up and wait for the phone call.  I couldn’t wait to ask him questions about the MTC and people there and what he’d learned and his feelings about the gospel…..all good “mom” stuff.  At 6:30 I was still waiting.  I finally called Wayne and he gave me the go phone number to call… I called it, no answer.  At 6:45 Monson called me…. And said all is great but he only has 5 minutes cuz they have got to board the plane ….What?!?  I couldn’t believe it.   I asked him if he had talked to Dad and Laila…he said no… So I quickly told him to be good, and that I loved him… Grandma Sheri was with me in St. George, so she said the same things to him. Then we hung up so he could have a few minutes with Wayne, Laila and Landon.  It was a 3 MINUTE phone call…no lie.  When Wayne talked to Monson, he found out that Monson had given his phone to all of his district missionaries to use to call home…and he had just a few minutes left when it got to him.  I couldn’t believe it.  Wayne just thought it was so nice of Monson.  I think it’s nice , but I want him to call his mother first…then share.  I brought him into this world, and I changed his diapers, and I am the Mother… get my drift.  It was disappointing at best… but he did sound happy and ready to take on the Michigan natives.    I asked Laila what she thought of the phone call, she said, “Monson sounded the same, just sweeter.”

3.   Good work leads to promotions and raises.    Landon is moving onward and upward at Legacy Prep.  He is now the behavior specialist at the elementary and secondary schools.

4.     The Teachers I work with like me much better as a yellow personality than a red.  When I am red they don’t think I’m all business…they just think I’m all mad.

5.   If a Celebration is going to happen.... I have to be the instigator.  We have a Cocoa and Karaoke party tonight!!!  


Erin Blake said...

Yes red and yellow are too conflicting! Let's have fun! But do it this way or else... ha ha

My yellow and blue are worse. Wow! This was so fun! But I feel guilty because...

I'm on a roll..

Melinda, I took the love languages test. Finally. I have never really taken it. And I am Quality Time highest with physical touch right behind. DUH. This was very enlightening for me and helps me understand better why Brett's commute has been so hard for me..

Souza Family said...

For the record, I never thought you were mad, just business.