Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wayne...Prehistoric but not Extinct!

Wayne turned 50....and we celebrated Caveman style.
Wayne and Melinda in 1987 for a Halloween Cousin's party.....
Wayne was late for his own party.   Our adult  Stake conference meeting  on Saturday night was the longest one on record—this was only because I had planned Wayne’s 50th party to be from 8:30- 10.  We had guests arrive but no Birthday boy until 9:15.  He opened the door and yelled "surprise" to all of the guests…the surprise was on them, they had no idea we would be so tardy to the party.   Oh well…it was still fun and awesome to have so many wonderful friends and family tell Wayne "Happy Birthday."  We used a caveman…prehistoric but not extinct theme for the party....something different than "over the hill."

Add and Bre
 Add and  Bre painted a funny caveman and wife poster that we had people put their faces through and took many hilarious pics.  The food consisted of food that would have been around in caveman days…nuts and berries, fruit and veggies, shrimp, chips and salsa...(I guess the caveman was from South America?!?)….you get the idea.
Wayne and Melinda
Add and Holly
Landon and  cousin Emily 
Christian Farley and Laila
Lyle and Sheri

 Wayne got a recliner for his Birthday so  he can recline in his old age.  He is a happy -old- man!
Happy Birthday to my WAYNE!! Now I get to be the young wife for 6 months.

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