Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits for the New Year

Monson was set apart as a full time missionary on Sunday.  Three days before he goes into the MTC.  This is really different for us......Wayne is his companion.  We are up at 6:30 doing scripture study,  prayer, then exercise........then  staying off the computer, no tv/sports on, no video games etc.   Monson has been gung-ho about it.  He changed his facebook login....so only I know it, handed over his iphone, and gave up his computer as soon as we got home from the setting apart.   To help stay busy we have been to the Salt Lake and Bountiful Temples.   I actually kind of like it this way because friends come here to say goodbye, and the "outside' world is gone... we get to feel a bit of heaven in our  house before Monson goes to Michigan.

Landon, Pres. Taylor, Elder Welch, Grandpa Lyle, Wayne, Bishop Barlow
Laila had quite the experience when she went wig shopping with me and Grandma Sheri.  Mom took off her wig and Laila's eyes were as big as saucers as she looked at her  white-patchy-bald-spotted, grandma.  I think she is finally over the initial shock of it all.   Mom has found some awesome wigs.  She looks great and is determined to have fun with this chemo-cancer-crazy.  She has a dark red wig,  a strawberry blonde one and now a blonde one.  She is still looking for one that matches Grandma Butters' red hair.  She looks great in them all.  I don't know why I am surprised at her positive attitude....she has had it her whole life.  This  "cancer"  just adds to her adventure.
I have picked a word/motto for my 2012 year..........CELEBRATE.   I like how it looks, how it sounds and all that it implies.
Laila got into the spirit by having a SHAVE MY LEGS party on Jan. 1st.   It consisted of her in a swim suit, a 30 minute shower and me expressing and showing all of my 38 years of shaving expertise.  (see shaving legs signs of spring post) We have been putting this off for months, but her black hairy legs really bug her,  hence the party and a life time of shaving.

My only resolution that I am putting in print this year is.....NO MOVIE THEATRE POPCORN for the year.  I mean it....Not for me and I'm not buying it for any of my family either.  The kids are in mourning because they know it's pricey and they can't afford it.   Monson is okay with the resolution because he is gone for the year.  Knowing this was coming we had our last "how- much- popcorn- can- you- eat- at- the- theatre"  New Years Eve. ( We saw We Bought a Zoo--- a real sweet show)
I ate an entire bucket by myself...literally....and boy did my gut ache!!!

We got Wayne a recliner...chair for his 50th birthday!!!!!!!    (50th birthdays take a lot of exclamation points.) He got it actually on the 31st, a week early, so he could enjoy the U of U bowl game.  The Utes won which made it even sweeter.    The chair is a good idea because, A-- Wayne's old and #2-- he will be able to lay flat while still being around the family.  Now he won't want to escape up to our bedroom, so much, because of his dizzy.  His big day is coming up Jan. 7th!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Lesley said...

This post made me smile; and the comment that came to my mind was this: you are such a good wife, a good mom, a good daughter... and just a good person.

PS I could never, ever, go a year w/o popcorn at the movies. Good for you... I'm sure you will accomplish it!!

Happy New Year!!!