Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

Nephew Hayden played an egotistical Gaston.....loved it, and i love how sweet he is with Laila.
Chelsea Marsden as Belle and Colton Keddington as the Beast
Laila, Mackenzie Hess, Caleb and John Sandorff...they have been in the last three shows together.

Beauty and the Beast at BHS has filled our days and nights since the New Year.  This is a huge undertaking  and is all in the family.  Sister Angela is the Director, I do choreography along with niece Megan, and sister Marcie does the costumes.  The show looked great.  We even rented 3 drops this year and figured out how to make them work on our "no fly" stage.  
 B&B closed last night, and it was really fun and well received. It just got better and better. 
 Monday night Holly went to see it.  She is the best to watch these type of shows with, because she gets totally caught up and just believes.  She loved every part, except the wolves coming down the aisle and stopping right at her seat.  She let out a huge scream!  She knows what is coming up and tells you... and she laughs at all of the appropriate  and sometimes inappropriate places. 
By the end of the show, Holly stood up and clapped wildly for Laila's bow and stayed standing, cheering and clapping down the aisle for all of the kids.  She bounced down 10 rows and  was at the front of the stage by the time Belle and the Prince came out.  Then Holly booked it up the aisle and was first in line for pics with Belle and the Beast/Prince.   She knows how to work it.
Laila is sad we are at the end of another show.  She loves her high school time.  IT makes her feel independent and she is great on stage.

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Lesley said...

Your family sat right behind us. When I heard Landon's voice I thought it was Wayne. When I turned around I was so surprised to find out it wasn't. I loved how Holly loved the show. She did stand up in the asile and cheer (Mike and I jumped when the wolves appeared next to us in the asile)... we should all be so lucky to have Holly cheering for us. It was a wonderful show!!