Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday tidbits...Monson is an Elder

We ran down to St. George on Sunday and ordained Monson to the office of an Elder.  We had Bob Lake-- Monson's Priest quorum advisor and Lance Bingham, his Teacher's quorum advisor stand in the circle.
Wayne, Monson, Lance Bingham ( with something weird behind his head) and Bob Lake
It was good to be with Monson because he is much more talkative in person than he ever is on the phone. Here's what we learned:
--He is more sore than he has ever been in his entire life.
--He has to be in condition for this coming week and be able to run 16-  100 yard dashes in a row, at under 18 seconds each dash with only a 40 second turn around.  Good luck with that.
--The linebacker coach is from Scotland and looks like Braveheart with long flowing hair.
--It's hot in St. Geoge... I think Monson even has a tan, which is hard to do for a red head.
--He is  totally appreciating Coach Wall from BHS for his football training and team knowledge.
--He hasn't told anyone, including his Bishop his real name....it's only Money......Money Welch.
--He is always starving.  Once regular school starts, the food court will have better hours, which will help in Monson's food troubles.
--He is the champion at Call of Duty out of all his room mates.
-- There are no cute girls at Dixie.............yet.

 Laila is great to travel  with and difficult to travel with.......if she is hungry.  Hunger makes Laila unreasonable.....it's miraculous what a little turkey subway sandwich will do for her.  She made Monson pinky promise that he would stay crazy and not get too mature....."Well," she said, "You can get mature just not mature-mature."  Whatever that means.


Lauren said...

I LOOOOVED THIS. I can soo imagine Laila and Monson perfect. Thanks for explaining in perfect word imagery. I can see him at college perfect. Love lil Money

Melanie said...

You crazy person running back and forth to St. George! I have to get down there soon.....

Cami said...

mature-mature (adj): someone who takes themselves too seriously.
I've seen many people fall into this pattern. But knowing that you're Monson's mom, I think he's just fine! You help everyone around you avoid this awful fate.