Monday, August 8, 2011

Monson is off to Dixie

We did a drive by dumping of our last boy to Dixie State College on Saturday.... well, maybe not exactly a drive by.

We loaded Master P to the hilt with suitcases and Monson paraphernalia... including 10 baseball caps and Winston-- his stuffed ball bear.
We checked into his scary Canyonlands apartment in St. George and moved his stuff in.  Landon's UVU apartment was a mansion, Truman's USU Snow Hall place was fine...  but Monson's is ...... just ok.
I just keep telling myself that it's good training for his mission.  So dirty and run down, but  I know he will stay in worse places than this.  Monson's room mate- JP --and his mother were less than  thrilled.  

I asked him if he was excited or scared or happy or nervous, or just what was he feeling? He is really hard to read.  Monson reminded me that his range of emotion from sad to happy and mad to glad is about  this much...... he indicated  an inch with his fingers.  So, yes, he was happy and looking forward to this school/football experience.  

My home is quiet and empty.  
Laila and I stood at Monson's clean bedroom doorway on  Sunday, and looked in longingly... and shed some tears.....almost like someone died.  
We were out of control.  
Laila actually spent a lot of time in his room yesterday and slept in his bed last night.  This is interesting, because she didn't show much interest while he was living here.  
Maybe it's clean and doesn't smell like sweat and shoes now.  
 I think she will miss him telling her to change the channel and stop watching stupid disney shows.  Brotherly love.

I am just hoping he doesn't spend too much time playing mindless video games.  


bre and add said...

we will miss moneyyy! I can't wait for Thanksgiving already.

gma vh said...

My dear dear friend.
Hope springs eternal.

Cengiz 2.1 said...

i honestly can't believe monson is old enough to go to college and live on his own. i still remember that 8 year old with his tux at church.

Melanie said...

Sad! I will miss that cute face.