Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kansas City

"I got to Kansas City on a Friday...By Saturday I'd learnt a thing er two.  For Up til then I didn't have an Idea of what the modren world was coming to.."
I am helping with choreography at Bountiful High School, once again.  
We are doing Oklahoma and Beauty and the Beast this year.
It's going to be a lot of fun.  I only have Laila left to be in these it's a good thing that she likes doing that.
I am working on moves for the song, Kansas City from Oklahoma.
I love this song, because it sends me back to my own high school days and being around Wayne Welch.
I have a vivid memory of Wayne and Joel LaSalle singing this entire song at the top of their lungs while dancing around on tables and chairs at Leatherby's ice cream restaurant.  (This used to be down at 5 points shopping mall, before the mall was torn down to be doctor's offices and piles of dirt.)   
The song came over the restaurant's airwaves and Wayne and Joel started entertaining me and a whole bunch of people they didn't know. 
 It was a hoot.
That's probably the first moment I knew I was going to marry that marvelous man!