Monday, August 1, 2011

August Goal

GOALS!!!!    I set my July Goal to become more active..........well,
 I did get off my behind a bit more and activate it.   Not as much as I should have, but atleast I was mindful of my activity or inactivity as the case may be.

August I am focusing on Giving Warmer  Greetings and Fonder Farewells.

This includes taking the extra minute for a hug, to make eye contact and connect.

To say, " I love you" more....and really mean it.

My friend Erin got me thinking more about this.  She was on a eating/bicycling trip through France with her hubby.  She wrote about a little cafe she stepped into to get out of the rain...........

"In this little cafe, there were 4 old pals playing cards at the bar, staying out of the rain. While we were eating, an old rough looking guy walked in and one by one went to each man and kissed and hugged them. Kissed them once on each cheek. It was sweet to see their friendship. We should kiss people on the cheeks when we see them. Definitely hug people. People need human contact more I've decided"

I was touched by this. 
 I have also been going through appointments with Landon for headache/eye issues and sitting at the hospital with my mom for fluid in lungs/cancer  issues.  I want these two (and many more) to know how much they mean to me.  Health scares really put things into perspective-- how important we are to each other--how we are connected and shaped by every person we come in contact with.

SO If I grab you and hug and kiss you and tell you how much you mean to's's just August.

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