Monday, August 22, 2011

4th grade

Laila's first day as a fourth grader.
And yes, I cried.
  Laila  was so excited.  She LOVES school and learning.
We are back on schedule...up at 7, scripture study, family prayer, piano practice, get dressed, clean wonderful.  
 We got in the car to head down the hill and I was so excited for her, then I started getting teary thinking about how grown up she is and how time just flies and the Bruno Mars song was on the radio singing how ..."you are amazing just the way you are..."  and the sun was in my eyes, and Laila was smiling.....and, yes, I cried.
Who wouldn't have? 

Other News:  Laila has informed me and Wayne that she can't really trust our opinions now because we like pickles, and she doesn't.  

We had a fun meeting with Truman's first mission companion, Elder Cowley Sunday night.  He has been home for a month.  He brought pics from Rochdale and talked about the Manchester mission in general and Truman in specific.  He said the best way to describe Elder Welch is he never stops smiling.  


Lauren said...

YAY FOR LAI! And when does T come home?

bre and add said...

HA! Laila is a kick! It's okay, I'm sentimental too. PS-our seafoam cabinet is a hit-just ask all the peeps here at school. They all one one exactly like it :) ha!