Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday 5 fave.....desserts!

I have a confession to make.  
I am addicted to sugar. 
 If I eat something "sweet" in the morning, I can't stop eating sweets the rest of the day. 
 Totally hooked. 
 I have a deep, loving relationship with desserts.
  I have been known to eat it before many a meal. 
 On our recent cruise I had 5 chocolate melting cakes in one sitting. 
  Bad.... I know. 
 Choosing top 5 desserts was difficult, so I glumped type of desserts together.   I also am going to do a top 5 cookies.  They get their own post.

1.  Dense chocolatey, chocolate cake with butter  cream frosting. This also includes Tuille Bakery's Bouchons.  Mmmmmm

2.  Cheesecake....Carnegie deli cheesecake from NYC  preferred, but I like most cheesecakes.  The denser the better.

3.  Rhubarb pie...heated with ice cream.....any pie really...but my first pie love was my mom's pumpkin pie.  One year she made us each our own pumpkin pie.  I was in heaven.  I could eat it as fast or slow as I wanted, and straight out of the pie tin.

4.  Trifle type desserts..... meaning cake, pudding, whip cream, fruit....all whoogied together.....mmmm, including bread pudding.... I guess you could call it hot trifle.  I am also very fond of a Cole Family favorite:   yellow cake with homemade carmel sauce, ice cream, whip cream and pecans.....I look forward to my Brother's b-day every year, because this is his celebratory cake.

5.  Home made ice cream--- all flavors..........Neilson's custard Concretes too.  The softer texture of these treats just melts in your mouth, literally.

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