Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chicken Li'l

Laila is definitely growing up....one of the newest rites of passage was the requirement of a personal thumb drive for her 4th grade school computer work.  She was thrilled.  In my 4th grade class a thumb drive was probably found in some fantasy children's book about Mr. Hand and his travels around town.
  Times have changed.  
Wayne got her a chicken thumb drive. A cute little contraption with a thumb drive inside.  Laila was concerned that it was only 4 G... and her ipod is 8 G, so she knew it wouldn't be big enough.  I tried to explain in simple terms about the memory.
 Me:  Laila 1 Gig is a lot...it's like having all of the books  in your library in that little disc.  Are you going to be writing more than all of the books in your library?
Laila:  Yes, of course I am.
Me:  Well then you are set, because it's 4 libraries.
 I was thinking of actually stepping foot into the dreaded "Hot Topics" store  and getting my Wayne this sweatshirt....  What's your vote?


Erin Blake said...

Melinda, mark my words. The time will come when all kids will have an ipad type thing which uploads all of their textbooks and they won't have books anymore. Every kid with an ipad. All online.

Aussiemuminthekitchen said...

Get the shirt!

Melanie said...

No wonder Jacob is worried about his flash drive only being 1 gig!!!! Absolutely get the sweatshirt!