Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday's 5 fave............Movies

These are the movies that if I walk into a room and they happen to be playing..... I can't walk out, or turn  them off.  
I am hooked. 
 I am rooted to the spot and life must go on without me for a while.  
These are movies that when I'm flipping through channels at 11 at night, and one of these is on, I stay up and watch it.  (The following are in no particular order)

1. Life is Beautiful.    I love the title of this WW2 picture.    Life is beautiful even when it's hard and unfair is the message of this movie.   The Father's sacrifice touches me every time.  I think it's because it's mixed with sweet humor throughout.  Roberto Beignini wrote, directed and starred in this....( I loved his enthusiasm at the Academy Awards, as well, when he was walking on the arms of the chairs to get to the stage.)

2.  Lawrence of Arabia   Peter O'Toole stars and is fascinating as  British Army Lieutenant,  T.E. Lawrence  turned Arab activist during WW1.   The scenery is stunning as are Peter's eyes.  

3.  The Godfather.  Puh-lease..... I never have seen any of these in the theatre, only on AMC, and not particularly in any order, just snippets here and there.  I just finished another AMC Godfather marathon.  Can't. Stop. Watching.

4.  Gone with the Wind   Seen the movie many times, read the book twice and visited Margaret Mitchell's museum while in Atlanta.  Frankly, Scarlett......I Can't get enough!

5. The Way We Were.   Love the chemistry between Barbara and Robert.  It's about two desperate people having a wonderful love affair, yet their political views and personal convictions keep them apart.  Plus, I heart the song!

And that's my list..........
I am a sucker for Romantic Comedies and Chick Flicks....but I really love any kind of historical drama.   
Slow is okay with me as long as characters are developed. 

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bre and add said...

Ah I haven't seen 2,3 or 5! We need to watch these!