Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday 5 fave.........Movie Musicals

These are Musicals that I love, but are so much better in movie form than on the stage.
1.  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.   I just saw the stage version again at CPT....and it was ok, but too many weird extra songs.   Howard Keel and Jane Powell are the only people I want to see in this show. I remember having ward movie nights when I was a little girl in the Bountiful 4th ward building.  It was fun to be in the cultural hall on blankets and chairs and watch this show with family and ward friends.

2.  Singing in the Rain.  Donald O'Connor makes me laugh, Debbie Reynolds is darling...and the dancing of Gene Kelly is dyno-mite.   "Yes, Yes, Yes.....NO, No , NO"  While dating Wayne, I made a big fuss about  this movie.  I knew if he loved it as much as I did, we were a match made in cinema heaven.  This was pre -video/dvd time,  so we had to wait for it to be on tv...and when it was, it was dinner, dessert this movie and cuddling on the couch.  He even got used to my  high pitched, Lena Lamont impersonation...."I can't stan 'im"

3.  The Sound of Music--- Usually when a play comes first the movie is NEVER as good.  This is the exception.  I even appreciate the new movie songs added like:  "I have confidence" and I was happy they took "Crazy planet" out.  They really made this story work so much better in movie form and the Alps were gorgeous.  Landon loved this movie as a little boy and spent about a year of his life with a blanket on his head acting like he was a nun; he even prayed with his hands in steeple form.  He sang high soprano and knew the words to every song.

4.  Newsies-- I have a soft spot for dancing teenagers.  Love the brooklyn accents...and I even tolerate the Santa Fe song--probably because I have a crush on Christian Bale.  Don't put this show  on the stage.........please.

5.  Yentl -- I was amazed by this story, based on real experiences of a Jewish girl who really wanted to read, learn and study like the boys.  I  know many would discount this show as a "Best" of movie musicals, but the music is expansive and  the story touches I love to hear Barbra sing.


Spencer Blake said...

I agree with all of them except I've still never seen Newsies! I know!

MCC said...

Newsies is premiering at the Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey in September.

Lesley said...

I remember seeing "Seven Brides..." at the church on movie nights too! I love it. I remember seeing it at Pages Lane theatre years and years ago (Andy was a sophomore and played Gideon). There was an entire section of deaf patrons at the theatre that night, and when Adam began his rendition of "Bless your beautiful Hide" right as he got to the word hide he went way flat. Ouch! Even the deaf people cringed.

Caitlin's favorite movie is "Newsies" (check out her recent FB status) she sleeps with a Christian Bale pillow. I keep telling her... he's really old now. She doesn't care.

gma vh said...

REALLY? Yentl?? I barely kept awake and I never ever have that problem (note me/husband at church...).