Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2 parts of Laila

Laila loves the thought of Black Friday.
She begged everyone she saw through out Thanksgiving weekend to take her shopping. When I explained to her it was the entire weekend, she was thrilled. Finally on Saturday eve, Addison went to some stores with her to check it out. Addison said she was "such a girl," and all about pink.

There was a tv show on Sunday night that had an orphanage and orphans in it. ( not Annie)
Laila watched with rapture. She then turned to Wayne and in all sincerity asked, "....on Black Friday are the kids in the orphanage cheaper?"

Wayne talked to her a bit about orphanages, and how they don't have those in our country any more, but they do all around the world. This made Laila so sad.

That night in her prayers Laila tearfully said, "Please help that there will never be any more kids in orphanages, and the kids that are there now, please bless that they can all find families to love them."


Lesley said...

She is so sweet Melinda....you've got to find her that magic carpet :-)

Kimi said...

Laila is going to grow up and change the world. Maybe she will eliminate orphanages by making sure no one is ever orphaned. I wouldn't put it past her.

Seriously, Melinda, orphanage elimination would be so much easier if she just had a magic carpet. How can you deny her that?

Si said...

Magic Carpet. FInd one. NOW.