Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas is here, and I have eaten myself into a sugar stupor!! We have so much "crap" to eat that is being dropped off at our door. I hope a lot of it freezes, because I will really love it in a few days/weeks....but not now.
Parties since Dec. 19th, haven't helped with my crazy eating.
My Christmas gift to myself...... (drum roll please....)
I'm going to live in denial and not get on the scale until January 2nd!

I do love Christmas. I love being lazy with my family and just hanging out.
It's always a bit anti climactic....all of the build up and then, I just hope the kids are happy with what we decided to really get them for Christmas, when all of the wrapping is on the floor.

We were successful this year.

I know you are all breathless and wondering how we ended up handling the Magic Carpet situation of 2009.
After all of our talks with Laila and explanations, she was still insistent that she would get, or I would get a magic carpet. She transferred MY asking for it, when Grandma Sheri explained about being old enough to drive a magic carpet, like a car. So you would have to be 16. G-ma thought this would help Laila not want it, she just wanted it even more.
She wrote a new letter to Santa that got mailed on the 24th of December, explaining that she"knew she was too young to drive a magic carpet, so bring it for her mom instead"...and I would drive her around. And...thank you G-ma for only fueling this magic-carpet-fire .

Even this very Christmas morning, while she was snuggling under the covers with big brother Addison, waiting for the appropriate time of 8:00, to wake everyone up for present opening, she was giddy with excitement just thinking about the magic carpet, and how awesome it will be when everyone takes a turn flying it on Christmas.

So....what to do about this?????

Well, in the Santa letter, that is left every year, it was explained, that Magic Carpets AREN'T REAL, but it would be cool if they were, and Laila is definitely good enough to get one, if it was REAL...which it's NOT....but it's cool.. Laila was disappointed, but recovered quite quickly.

She got an easy bake oven and a rock tumbler. Two gifts that require time and patience. Two things that Laila does not have!!!


Si said...

HA- I thought about you last night and wondered how this worked out! Santa is always right.

Lesley said...

Santa did a great job explaining.

Peggy said...

I have been seriously wondering about the magic carpet thing. Now I can go on knowing it was taken care of. Your blog is just a like a serial soap opera-I just have to keep coming back to keep up with all the mystery and drama! Hugs.