Tuesday, December 22, 2009


"Pres. Monson is dating a college girl."
"President Monson is dating a college girl from UVU"
"I don't think so , he has a wife."
"Isn't she dead?"
Well.....Pres. Monson is dating a college girl. That's what my sunday school teacher told me."
"Who's your sunday school teacher?"
"Sister Welch."
"....oh......you probably mean, Monson, her son, is dating a college girl."
Confused look
End of conversation.

My friend Barbara told me about this funny conversation said by one of my sunday school girls.
I teach the 12-13 years olds.....12 of them.....and it's definitely a challenge.
At the end of each lesson we go around and let the kids take turns saying what they did that week, or whatever they want to say. One week, the kids were asking about Monson and who was that girl with him in sacrament meeting. I told them, his girlfriend Ashley, a college girl from UVU.

This innocent statement morphed into.......the above conversation.
This is how the rumor mill starts..... Throw in matching names, add a dash of half listening sunday school students and you end up with......."Pres. Monson is dating a college student."

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Melanie said...

Ha Ha Ha...that is great, way to start some good rumors!