Sunday, December 27, 2009


We all bundled up and went tubing at Soldier Hollow in 10 degree weather.
We meaning : Wayne, Melinda, Laila, Addison with friend Bree Briggs, Truman with friend, Lauren Nickl and Monson with girl friend Ashley Petersen.
We scheduled this and bought tickets for it weeks ago. We went to celebrate Monson's 17th b-day. (Tubing and dinner )
The day was sunny and great but it was so cold.
Did I say how cold it was?
This is a great, civilized way to tube. You sit on a tube and there is a little tram that pulls you and your tube to the top of the hill. There are 6 slick hills to choose for your fun screaming time all the way back down.
It was great fun, cold, but fun.
I knitted hats for everyone to wear to keep warm. It was beautiful to look up on the hill and see the pom-pom hats sliding down. The boys were all good sports, and wore them.
We got lots of snow in our faces and had to drag our feet at the end to stop or we would crash into a fence.
Because it was sooooooo cold, the runs were soooooo FAST...and terrifyingly fun!
We ran into the lodge to get warm.
We shared hot cocoa and tubing tales.
We wanted to cry when our toes were thawing out, that's how cold it was. (Laila did cry)
I don't know why, but I always think about pioneers when I'm cold like that.
A fabulous feast at the Breadstick Cafe in Heber was the perfect end to our celebration. Monson ordered a hamburger and fries and when he was finished and not full, he ordered another hamburger and fries for dessert. Hmmmmm......Oh, to have Monson's metabolism.

The funny part about using a tubing party to celebrate Monson's turning 17, is he hates snow, winter and to be cold, but he did get to cuddle in the back seat with Ashley all the way back home.

Fitting for a December birthday baby.


erin noelle said...

I love that hats! So talented Melinda. You know you are. How much did Landon love his angel picture?

Laur said...

Thank you for inviting me. I loved it! so much fun

Si said...

Somehow, I missed this! I love those hats. I want one. hint hint. I'll trade you for some BROWNIES. or melba toast. whatever.