Saturday, December 12, 2009

Things I've learned in Punta Cana

---there are all shapes and sizes of people in this world, and most should stay fully clothed.
---the only ones going topless on the beach, are the ones that shouldn't be.
---soft, self serve, ice cream is awesome.
---going on two all inclusive, eat-til-you-puke trips in a month's time, equals weight gain.
---it can be sunny and hot one minute, and rainy the next, then sunny and hot again.
--- I love the tropics!
---humidity makes my sheets feel wet when I sleep at night.... hard to get used to.
---"coca light" is diet coke, in Spanish.
---we are spoiled by air conditioning.
---I love the sound of waves coming to shore.
---one little shop has the same island stuff to buy, as the next little shop, and the one after that.
---I can sit on the beach and read a book ALL DAY....thanks to my Bear Lake training.
---I am definitely NOT ready for Christmas!


Si said...

Now that you have learned SO MUCH, come home. miss you.

Kimi said...

Some lessons are best learned oneself. Why can't I go on a book-on-the-beach/bottomless soft serve vacation? I promise--I will stay clothed!

Melanie said...

Oh how I wish I could have sat on the beach and read ALL DAY with you. I am very good at that! Glad you are back safe.