Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ahhhhh.....thankful Thursday

Just sitting on the beach counting my blessings....
1. I'm thankful for my mom and Wayne's mom who are taking care of things back home, while we are relaxing in the DR
2. I'm thankful for sunshine and's 85 here today, and 17 in Bountiful
3. I'm thankful for this beautiful world!
4. I'm thankful work is being done on my kitchen, while I'm here. ( I hope)
5. I'm thankful for Pina colada's, soft serve ice cream cones, and cabana beds at the beach
6. I'm thankful that Wayne has a job, and that his job has taken us to some awesome places around the globe.
7. I'm thankful for long walks on a soft, white sand beach.
8. I'm thankful that Wayne speaks fluent spanish. I get a kick out of listening and watching him talk to the natives and bargain for merchandise.
9. I'm thankful for the internet, computers, skype and staying in touch
10. I'm thankful for My sweet Wayne!!! It's always fun to vacation with him.

PS: What I've eaten order......
Pina colada (virgin, of course)
vanilla ice cream cone
hot grilled potato
nacho chips and salsa
chocolate ice cream cone
hot grilled potato
chocolate ice cream cone
strawberry daquiri

ah......we are living the barefoot, sleep in, nap, no worry life.
Now what am I going to have for dinner?


erin noelle said...

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Lesley said...

I love the picture. I love t'ocean, it's my favorite. You look tan. The food sounds great. I'm glad you ate so many ice-cream cones because when you get home it will be to cold. I'm looking forward to going to lunch with you and Linda next week and hearing all about it! Keep having fun.