Monday, September 7, 2009

Why do you have to Leave me?

My house is emptying out faster than rats on a sinking ship.
(Excuse the metaphor-- I love my sons and don't mean to imply that there is anything rat-ish about any one of them, although they do like to sleep in the dark-dark, have a fondness for cheese  and an uncanny ability to scrounge for food.)
Anyway, back to my boys all leaving me.........
Addison is living in Ogden going to Weber State.
Truman is living in  Logan going to  Utah State.
Landon is living in Salt Lake, working at an Elementary school, trying to get back into school.

I remember being crazy just last March with a house full of five grown men all taking up space.  Space that didn't feel so crowded just a few years earlier with little bodies,  but now was claustrophobic.
We had......Too much laundry, too many gallons of milk, not enough hot water or shower time, too many size 10, 11, 12 and 13 shoes kicked off just inside the back door, so many dishes in the sink.
 Now it's gone.
From 7 to 4 in a blink of  an eye.
I'm an almost empty nester.
 (You can tell you are living in Utah when having only 2 kids at home feels like an empty nest. )
I kind of got teary loading Truman up with food for his dorm room.  I got choked up a bit as I was getting Landon to take the left over roast from Sunday, so he would have some protein to eat this week while he waits for a much needed pay check to come.  I did cry as we drove away from Addison's house after dropping off his bed and the last of his things from his down stairs bed room. 

Wow....everyone is growing and moving forward.  My parenting is moving to a new level as well....I can suggest, but they are adults, and will do what they want anyway.

I mentioned this sadness to a friend of mine.  She thought I was nuts.
She said , "Enjoy it while it lasts...they always come back!"  

Now, for a little while anyway,  all I have to pester and parent is Monson and Laila.
I'll ENJOY that!


erin noelle said...

You have handsome, great boys. I loved seeing all of them together a week ago at church.

Melwel said...

thanks Erin, they are really great. They are all so's crazy. They are also very big and take up a lot of space.
It's hard and good watching kids grow and go. Enjoy your Baby Kate.

Melanie said...

Laila told me how much she and I missed Truman the other day. And also said how boring it was with "just Monson around, and he is always at football". Hard to believe my kids will grow up, but I know it will be here before I know it. I will try to enjoy each day more.