Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Don't fight over made beds

We had our usual school morning ritual..... I worked on my computer, fed Laila breakfast and then sat around and watched Tweetie Bird cartoons.  
It was a beautiful thing, til I saw that it was 8:00 and we had to be out of here in 15 minutes.  We went upstairs, picked out some clothes  and I started making her bed, straightening her covers really.....well she 
I was so confused.
I wasn't doing it right?
She wanted to make her own bed?
I stepped on her pillows?
That's not how the Troy Bolton blanket from High School Musical goes on my bed?
It was amazing!!!!
She fell apart  - big time.
She was crying and "hrrumphing" and yelling.......
"I hate you"
All of this from me trying to speed her along and straighten her bed.  
What's up with that?
She was in a "mood" and mad at her mother all of the way to school.
I apologized. 
I begged her forgiveness.
How dare I think I could help my daughter and make her bed?
What was I thinking?
 (She didn't finish making her bed...she was too livid!)
All I could think of was......
Who is this alien yelling at me and what happened to my sweet Laila?
I drove her to school, as recompense....and I told her I loved her.  
She scowled at me.
I told her when I picked her up after school she better have a smile on her face.
Well the school day flew by....
Laila came skipping out of the school building happy as can be.  The first thing out of her mouth was,   "I'm sorry. " Then she said, "Sometimes we get mad at each other, but it's okay, because we can forgive." 
Skip to  bedtime prayers.
Laila prays, "Please help me and mom to only ever have one fight a year.  Amen."
And I say, "Amen" to that!


Si said...

Oh my. PMS at a very young age!!! That is so cute. The forgiveness part.

erin noelle said...

No way. I don't believe you.

Melanie said...

So sweet, I need a Laila at my house.