Tuesday, September 29, 2009

h1n1 anyone?

The H1N1 ( swine) flu has hit our home.
Addison called from College saying he is coughing and is totally congested and just feels lousy.
He also said three other kids in the theatre department, including one who coughed on him, all have h1n1 . So......he is thinking maybe he has that too.  I told him it's only hay fever or a cold.
No big deal.

He came home and got a flu test, and it turned up positive three times,  much to the doctor's amazement, since his only symptoms are a dry cough and congestion.

(Disclaimer:  Addison doesn't really look like this, he is not turning into any swine, or creature because of the flu, it's just a weird  fish eye pic)

They couldn't believe it would be detected so early.

He is now quarantined to the basement.
I have sprayed and scrubbed down the house.
We are on germ alert.
He is not allowed out of his room without wearing a mask.
He's not happy.
I'm not happy.

Let the Flu games begin!
Sometimes College STINKS-- especially when it gets my kids sick.


MCC said...

Oh crap, and he was at my house on sunday evening....
so sorry Addiladdi.

Melanie said...

Oh No! I know the scrubbing and quarantine you are going through, but I bet his isn't going to end up being strep throat. I hope it passes quickly, but not passes to anyone else!