Sunday, September 20, 2009

Football confessions

IT was a sad day college football in Utah yesterday!
  The U got trashed and the Y got thrashed!

We love football at our house.
We have a great time with team rivalry too.
 We aren't a "U" family and we are not a "Y" family.
I went to Weber. Wayne attended the U. Landon UVU. Addison Weber. But....growing up my house was a "Y" house. My parents met and married while at BYU.
All of Wayne's side grew up in North Logan so USU was everything...then when they moved to Bountiful all of his brothers and inaws went to the U--now the U is everything for most of the Welch's.
We are mixed on our allegiances, although Wayne does have season football and partial season basketball tickets to the U. He also just purchased a U of U tent/sun shade he is turning more and more into a U man.

I love watching the "U" play and win.
I love watching the "Y" play and win.
When the U plays the Y-- I'm all about the Y winning. It's a childhood instinct of mine that is difficult to shake.
Laila's teacher went around her first grade class this last winter, and asked what team the children were voting for when the U played the Y.
Laila piped up-- "Michigan." She could care less about the Utah teams. Monson has her completely brainwashed that Michigan is the best.
Confession time.
We did a crazy thing to some die hard U and Y families in our neighborhood.
 One family is true blue and the other bleeds red.
You get the idea.
Well we got our hands on some styrofoam U's and Y's and other football paraphanalia and decided it would be so fun to decorate their yards with this stuff. Put the Y stuff on the U family front yard and decorate with the U stuff on the Y families grass.
My boys were all over this.
At midnight they packed up our treasures and followed through with our plan. They staked, and taped, and decorated. In the morning-- at church--- we heard all about what happened. OF course, these families blamed each other . . . . We snickered in silence.
Now I'm confessing, even though this happened years ago, It's been weighing on my conscience too much lately.
 I need to wipe the slate clean.
As Laila would say...."Please forgive"

Yes it was a sad day for Utah College football yesterday.  Next week has got to be better.


erin noelle said...


NOW you come clean????? We have always wondered, silently blaming the Fowers...staring them down as we pass in the hallways at church..those ice cold resentful feelings running through the's going to be hard to give all of that anger up. Dang it. :)

Si, are you reading this? Mystery solved. Mystery solved.

Melanie said...

Ha, I can't believe it. What a confession. I remember the hoopla and who was the one to do it! That is a great story.

Si said...

NOW you tell me!!!!!!!! I am SO done with you.
Funny. No more treats for U.

MCC said...

It was a fun secret to keep.... Oh well, you all had better watch out!

Kimi said...

Ahhhhahahahahaha! You silly rivals! Too funny! It almost seems obvious now, doesn't it? Such a Welch thing to do. Hahaha!

(Uh, Si? You can go ahead and bring her treats over to me.)

Kimi said...

Oh, and srsly Melinda. Can you PLEASE change your comments to a pop-up box? Please???