Friday, September 25, 2009

Football tally

It was fun to sit inthe heat on Thursday afternoon and watch Monson "Money" Welch play football.
He had........2 interceptions
He knocked 2 passes  out of the air
He blocked 2 extra points
He  stripped  the ball out of the running backs hands in the endzone with BHS recovering it....touchdown !!!
He got to play offense and defense
He only hobbled off the field once with a calf cramp that put him on the sidelines for 5 minutes
Bountiful JV beat Viewmont's JV  17 to 12.
IT was a great game for Monson!!!
He was the play maker and play breaker


Melanie said...

Awesome! We are going to have to come to one of the JV games so we can see him in action.

erin noelle said...

Yes, but did he do the Beyonce dance in the last seconds of the game? That is the question.

Si said...

yey for Mons. yey for football. You love it. Football is your favorite! Football is your life. Forget about theater. This is your new favorite. I love that you are such a good sport about this. Pun intended.