Monday, September 28, 2009

Pennies for Primary's

We had an amazing CARNIVAL to raise money for Primary Children's Hospital.
You won't believe how much we raised....???!!!

Laila wanted to have another carnival, since her one last year was so much fun, but it was hard for me to get behind it, until she came up with the idea of earning money for Primarys.  Laila spent time there last October, after she hit her head at a rehearsal.  Her skull was cracked, she had bleeding on the brain...and it was all terrible, then a miracle happened and  it was great.  We are so thankful for the care and support we received from Primary Children's Hospital.  ( For the head story click here)

She had  a great idea for the carnival, and
 I couldn't have been  more pleased with her thoughtfulness.

Laila has  been planning this Carnival for months.

 Laila has been doing chores around the house for a nickel and a dime all summer long.  She has earned $17.00  This was the first money to go into the donation jar. 

As the date drew closer, we made fliers and got them passed out to all of the second graders at Valley View.  We passed out fliers around our neighborhood and we sent out email invites.  She wanted it to be a penny carnival where everyone brings pennies and pays for each game and treat.  She hoped to earn a hundred dollars.....  We changed this a bit and just had a donation jar at the door-- then people could play and eat and play to their hearts content.

Laila is a great salesman, and she talked it up daily,on the play ground to all of the kids, and pretty much everyone she met.

The day finally arrived and it was a blast!
  We had popcorn, cotton candy, pace bars and snow cones.  We had face painting and games galore with candy for prizes.  We also had a fish pond with many donated beanie babies and spider rings and straws as prizes.  We even had a special 3 legged visitor drop by to entertain.

The kids and adults started showing up and the jar started filling up and Laila was smiling!

We would like to thank so many relatives and friends who helped out with games, donated food stuffs and money. 

We are pleased to announce that Laila ( we) will be donating almost $800.00 to Primary Children's hospital.
Thanks to all!!!
 If she is planning this at 7, who knows what type of extravaganza we will be holding at 17?


Cynthia said...

That is so wonderful! What a thoughtful child- I see a big future for her in the world of Philanthropy. Looks like everyone had a great time for a great cause.

Oh- and I popped over from the MMB in case you're wondering. LOL!

Lesley said...

Wow!!! That is impressive. What an amazing daughter you have. It is great to hear a story like this one :-)

Melanie said...

Such a great party! She did a wonderful job and we were thrilled to help out for such a worthy cause.