Thursday, September 24, 2009

1.  I'm thankful that the cobwebs and dust currently residing in my living room, can now be considered Halloween decorations...  I had my VT's in the Good Room, yesterday, and much to my dismay, cobwebs were hanging from the lights, and draping themselves gracefully to the windows.  Then I remembered Oct. is just around the corner and I smiled!

2.  I'm thankful for Laila's prayers.  She is on a Thankful kick.....which means she is only giving thanks and not asking for anything in her nightly prayers.  This makes for very long, rambling prayers, which are very interesting and funny.....Sample:  "Thanks for Earth so we don't have to live in space, cuz it would be really hard to find stuff.  Thanks for clothes so we don't have to go around nude except to shower so we can get ready for Church on Sunday,  and thanks for Church and for volunteer teachers who teach us about you.  And thanks for planning everything so well, so we can all be resurrected, even the angels.  Amen.

3.  I'm thankful for Service club..... ( movie anyone?) ..... nuf said.

4.  I'm thankful for Mass Transit, and that Landon has a way to get to Bountiful, without me going into SLC to pick him up.  I don't think I told you about me picking Landon and Josh up for Labor Day.  Landon called after noon and said he was ready, so I jumped out of the pool, put on my coverup and ran to  my car.  I accidentally  left my phone and purse at the pool.  I got into SLC and there was no way to contact Landon to tell him I was there. He lives in a lock down building with security key cards, because it's in a really bad neighborhood.   I thought maybe he would be outside luck.  I waited.  Finally I got out of my car, in my little coverup, with all of the homeless and crazy  people looking on, and screamed up to his third story window,  "Landon, Landon!"  No one heard me except for the one hundred aimless people on the streets who are now thinking, "Who's crazy?"    I was just getting ready to turn around and head back to Bountiful, when someone came out of his building.  I grabbed the door just as it was closing and climbed the stairs to Landon's apartment.  By the time I reached his rooms, I was so mad at him, because I left my phone at home.   I don't understand the logic either....but I was angry.    Anyway, I'm thankful there will be no more of this, for Landon is moving into a new, safer place next week!!

5.  I'm thankful for tender mercies....this time it came in the form of Elk Hamburger :)

6.  I'm thankful that I"m moving closer and closer to my dream of having a new kitchen!

7.  I'm thankful for FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL and FOOTBALL  ( JV, Varsity and College)

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Kimi said...

There is nothing wrong with doing service for our husbands by going to see the movies that they wouldn't want to have to sit through on date night!

Also--love the prayers! Laila is something! I don't know what, but definitely something! LOVE her!