Thursday, September 10, 2009

Prayer for the Pickles

Laila came home from school yesterday and announced she formed a new club.
It's called the, "I Hate Pickels club and anyone who hates pickles can be in it, but it's mostly just girls, cuz boys are not gentle."

I remember those recess/club days.

The first 2 weeks of school, for recess, she played cops and robbers, which then turned into CIA and bad guys.  She was teaching eveyone what her daddy does, she announced.   So hysterical.
Wayne ran down from elephant rock  on a Saturday morning.  He tripped and scratched up his arm and such.    Laila is convinced he didn't go on any run, he just went and took out a bad guy and then returned.  Mr. CIA agent.  Her brothers are so proud of this conjecture.

ANyway, back to clubbin......

Last night in her prayers, she was sincerely praying about all of the school rules. 
You know,
"Bless me not to have to use the bathroom hall pass, if i don't really need to."
"Bless everyone to follow the rules, and not cry."
"Bless that no one ever, ever, ever gets a Falcon Fumble."

It went on and on. 

Towards the end she said,
 "Help us to have fun games to play in our I hate Pickles club.  And bless all of the kids who love pickles that they can start their own club........ Amen."

Right after that, she asked what would my last words be if I was on my death bed and dying....
I told her, " I love you." 
She told me, "See you in heaven."

So funny.  She comes up with the strangest, sweetest things. 


Melanie said...

Jacob will have to form the I love pickles club.

MCC said...

"See you in Heaven" have got to be THE BEST last words that will be said on a death bed......I love the humor of our youngest kids.