Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good, Weird and Fun

It's weird and it's good to be away from home.

I'm at teacher meetings all week with a group of  friend-teachers in St. George.
We are freezing in a flourescent-lit basement room with no windows, while the sun is shining outside.  The airconditioning is on HIGH(there is no way to change it) ....and I am wearing long sleeve sweaters and snuggling under my pashmina scarf..
Everything down here is over airconditioned!!
We are learning about new technology and ways to make our school run better.  We are trying to be better at "knitting" our community together with love.
My family is carrying on at home, without me.  Wayne is handling getting Monson and Laila up, having scriptures and heading off to school..  HE is also handling homework , dinner and bedtime just fine with out me.
How dare they!
It's weird. I don't want things to fall apart while I'm away.  I try to have everything worked out in advance so they won't fall apart.  Then I'm a little sad when they don't and I find out my family is capable of LIFE sans MOTHER.

 After doing these teacher meetings, twice a year, for the past 6 years, I've come to the conclusion that I'm really bad at meetings.
It's hard for me to stay focused and not make flippant comments that I'm sure will make those around me laugh.  I say it and they usually do.  Sometimes I whisper just loud enough so the person next to me hears it.  Sometimes I share with a few around me.  Sometimes the whole group gets my silly commentary.
It's kind of the same problem I have in relief society every week.
I know I should be good and respectful....but stuff just slips out.
I apologize.
I've come to another conclusion, these 3 1/2 days of meetings would probably be a lot shorter if I could just keep my mouth shut.
Shorter, but definitely not as much  fun.
Fun wins out again!


Stecky said...

Melinda, you are just like me! I have to sit in the back of the room at district meetings, and I noticed that I am like the irreverant poster child in Relief Society. I miss you!!(I think people like us make meetings bearable, although, I would make me write apology letters if I had to teach me.)

Melanie said...

Fun should always win! That is why everyone wants to sit by you in Relief Society or wherever we are. Maybe I will get a whole posse of people with me on the front row!

Si said...

Melanie - repeat after me SECOND ROW.
Mel Wel. You are baaaaahd.

Lesley said...

Melinda you have always been fun! You always have the best stories. I'm sure that everyone in the meetings are happy that you are there, there's got to be some enjoyment, right?