Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's my birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!
I’ve had many birthdays at Bear Lake.
I’ve been coming here since I was ten years old.
Out of the last 37, I’ve celebrated all but 5 here at the ORE condos, formerly known as Sweet Water, at Bear Lake. I love it here. I love the condos and the trees, and the rocky beach and the whole family being here and never having to cook or clean and the laziness of it all.

It really is great to lollygag all birthday at the beach with nothing to think about beyond, when I’m going to eat my raspberry shake, and if it’s time to apply more sun screen. It’s awesome.
I love that my birthday is all about being with family, having my kids and Wayne with me, at my beck and call. Sleeping in. Sitting in the sun and having everyone tell me how I look sooooo young. I basically have my no makeup, boy face on for the entire week…. And I don’t look great in any of my 37 years of birthday pics, but I do look naked- faced and I'm always wearing a swim suit……it's like I am in my birthday suit-ish.

This year, Landon is wishing me, “Happy 35th”, over and over. I love it. I remember my 25th birthday, I had my upstart little brother saying “Happy 35th “ over and over and I wasn’t as pleased.

I learned to waterski on my 14th birthday. This was after much patience from my saint of a father. It was a wavy, windy day , but I was determined. And after drinking a lot of lake water, with storm clouds coming in and saying , “hit it” til I was ready to hit someone….. I got up!

I got my first “real” kiss on my 18th birthday. Wayne, my boyfriend of 2 years at the time, came up to be with me and my family and celebrate. Marcie and I were asleep on the pull down bed in the main room—little kids in the loft and Wayne on the couch. It was exactly 12:01 AM , on the morning of my 18th , when I heard a voice from the couch say, “Melinda, Can I kiss you?” I said, “ sure.”….then Wayne had to crawl in the dark over to my side of the bed and find my face, in the dark, and plant a kiss on me. Happy birthday to me!! Good thing he didn’t kiss my sister, or history could have been changed.

I got up on a wake board for the first time on my 46th birthday.

So many birthday memories.
The one thing that has remained constant is the Lake and family good wishes and the laziness of it all.
Ahhhhh I love my birthday!


Mark and Jill said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you add another great B-day. Love ya

Melanie said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I hope it was fabulous, sounds like the perfect week for a birthday!

Brian and Shanna said...

Oh I love it! Happy Birthday! Seriously that sounds like the best way to spend a birthday. Oh and I was so giddy after that first kiss story that I had to share it with my coworker!! You are so cute!