Sunday, July 5, 2009


4th of July weekend was fun…..
We had a great time at the Rigby BBQ. We wrangled an invite and it was awesome.
They have a 10 acre spread with a lovely house, a grandkid bunkhouse, a stable for horses and 22 Alpaca Llamas. This was one of those Independence Day picnics that you see in magazines. A mechanical bull, a horse exerciser that they have turned into a swing for kids. A pond that’s planted with trout and a canoe and a swing. A tee-pee, a stage for the country singer entertainer, a 158 pound pig that was BBQ’d in a pit —and 300 of their closest friends.
It was a shindig!!!
We had a riot ! Wayne and I, Laila and Monson went up with the Belnap bunch and ate and country danced, laughed and danced some more. Emily and Laila dressed as twins and just looked darling. Wayne and Monson made good use of the cowbow hats we got in Yellowstone.

Laila had the most fun. She rode the mechanical bull atleast 10 times, all with a huge toothless grin on her face. She tried to net some fish and played in the Teepee. She makes friends easily and before we knew it, she was running the swing. She would load the 4 swings, push the button so the swing would go in circles and then count to 200, turn off the swing, tell the kids to get off and the next ones to load on. She was “working”. When we told her to come and dance, she announced someone could take over her spot she , “needed a 15 minute break.”

What a great night. A great way to think about friends and family and this beautiful country we live in.

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