Wednesday, July 8, 2009

boot camp

Boot Camp is going good. Three weeks down and we are off to a great start.
IT's so good to be doing this together. Grandpa of Grandpa's BootCamp never actually attends. He is off working or at the Temple, but he does check in by phone to see how it's going. He's kind of like Charlie of Charlie's Angel's fame. Ya know.......
"How's it going angels?"
Here's a rundown on the usual participants.
(We also have some unusual participants, but I'll get to them at another time.)

Me--- knowing that my 40s haven't been nice to me chub-wise. I need something to jump start my weight goals...again. In boot camp we do weights everytime we get together. Arms and Legs alternate days. I'm up to lifting 25 pounds, again, and I'm shooting for more. Weights are so good for weight loss....they really kick up the metabolism. I'm the boss at boot camp-- and what I say we do....we do....!

My Boys -- This is such a great way to get my boys up and moving. 9:00 doesn't sound early to most people, but it's early for them. Tru and Mons really are in good shape, they show the rest of us up. Mons could easily run the mile and a 1/2 we do everytime, his only weakness is his wrist that has had two surgeries on it. Tru is our flexy yoga man. When he's not cleaning a car, he's working out with us.

My bro-- he is the best bro!!! He's so funny and warm and fuzzy...and I'm not just talking about his shaved head. He actually remembers jokes and tells them the right way, which is a true talent. He is out of work since Feb. -- this economy is killing him. He has an MBA from BYU and is "overqualified" so he doesn't even get "face" time with companies. It's crazy. This boot camp is great for him. IT's a way to work out some frustration and keep moving forward. It's the little accomplishments that are keeping him going at this point.

My Nieces. They are a hoot-- three in a row. They don't like exercise or morning, but love their Grandpa and need the money.

Laila and Preston.....the little ones. We won't let them lift more than 2 pounds of weight because we want them to GROW and they are both shorties. It's hard for a 7 year old to stay concentrated through an hour of work out...but for the most part they are doing it... it's amazing what can be accomplished for a dollar!

My Mom-- she is a trooper... She says getting her exercising again was really my dad's main goal for sponsoring this boot camp summer. We start at 9 and this is pretty late for her. She has her make up on and hair done, and comes and sweats with us all anyway. She had her foot operated on in April...and this is good rehab for it as well.

My sis-- she wants to lose weight and get fit as well. She comes early to start her laps, because she keeps getting charlie horses as she goes around. She has really tight calves. She wants really tight abs.

We laugh and tease and grunt and sweat together.
It's generational bonding.

Things that may or may not have been said at Grandpa's Boot camp
"I can't help it if I toot."
"Farts is funny!"
"I am a boy and I want the blue weights, you are a girl, you get pink."
"Look at mom, she looks like she's about to blow."
"I know it's hard to tell, but we rolled out of bed 5 minutes ago..."
"I can't even lift five pounds."
"I'm huffing and puffing and you look like you aren't even working."
"We love Grandpa...and his boots"

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