Friday, July 31, 2009

It's HOT

It's hot!!!
I'm at a friend's sons wedding in Arizona. I'm sitting with me feet up, enjoying a diet coke in my air conditioned hotel room......cuz...... It's too hot to go outside and do anything else.
What Arizonians talk about mostly is how hot it is. Every hotel clerk, gas station helper, Arizona resident and store salesman all start any conversation with something about the heat.
"Hot enough for you? "
"It's another scorcher today."
"Who get's married in July in's too hot."
"Only 105 are lucky, last week was a 110."
Okay , I get it.
It's brain feels like it's melting every time I step outside, but do you have to keep reminding me about it?
We rented a BLACK car, inside and ridiculous is it that Arizona rental companies even have black cars to rent? Hello.....haven't they heard about how hot it is down here? We couldn't put seat belts on or hands on the steering wheel without suffering from 3rd degree burns.
The car is an oven..... a foil dinner could easily have been cooked on the dash board while we were in the temple.
Ketchup anyone?
I literally baked myself as we drove.
Do I look rare or well done?
I must have heat stroke..........I'm seriously ranting.


Si said...

Look at the bright side. You will probably SWEAT off 10 lbs by Sat night! Hello. Food reports.

erin noelle said...

Ha ha Si. You think they are going to have food reports for us? Except for possibly the reception? They won't go to Sprinkles even. They won't bring us back cupcakes. We're ok with just general reports Melinda. I'm more interested in color scheme, wedding dress details, etc. and maybe how beautiful those two are together. Good luck with the heat.

Melanie said...

Gotta love that dry Arizona heat, whatever that means! No wonder we only lasted 3 months living there after Bryan and I got married! Hope you are having fun inspite of the hot hot hot, too hot to enjoy it weather!