Saturday, July 25, 2009

Random Pioneer Stuff

Just got back this week from another quick Yellowstone trip. This time I went with Laura, Emilee and Truman. We saw Addison in Guys and Dolls again. He was GREAT and it was HOT in the theatre....we were fading fast until intermission and dole whips and fudge got us going again.
Highlights of this trip or should I say Lowlights included staying at a most-scuzzy motel. Even though it's called a suite...don't let that name fool you. It was anything but. We kept our shoes on the entire time. Checked for bed bugs and had NO hot water. The peep hole was like a bullet had been shot through it. Talk about being a pioneer.
We went into Yellowstone park and acted like we were from the UK...accents and all. Actually our accents changed a lot-- from cockney to the queen's english all in one sentence.
"I don't know nuffin a nuffin."
We laughed our selves silly.
Truman kept taking pictures and telling us to do something "american."
It's always great when my friend Laura TRIES to have an always comes out mixed between Mexican and Asian....NOT British . She did manage to say....."Do you want a banana?" Nobody did.
Some people at the Inspiration Point look-out asked us where we were from...... Laura couldn't take it any longer....."Utah, " she blurted out.
In the future we have decided to say we are from "U'trus" if asked this. It's not a lie, and we can say it with our british accents and sound sincere. This place is close to all of our hearts and lies below it in the belly region..... "me mum's uterus." get it?


We had a great 24th of July.. Aka....Pioneer Day. I suffered in the heat by grandma's pool and at the ball park. Talk about sacrifice. It's always fun to have a Friday holiday, because then it's like two Saturday's in a row. Love it.

We sat at the BEEs baseball game last night. They ended up not playing, so we saw a homerun derby and an exhibition game instead. We waited it out for the fireworks. The fireworks rocked and totally reminded my of my pioneer heritage.......???

I have thought about the Pioneers though..... "for some must push and some must pull."
Would I be a pusher or a puller? Hmmmmm? Probably a sitter.


Si said...

This pic is SO you and Laura!

erin noelle said...

Does she ever NOT do rabbit ears?