Thursday, July 2, 2009

What am I doing?

Thinking about Skinny Dipping (that's me on the right with my two cousins, skinny dipping at Grandma's pool-- I think I was 8.)

Listening to my dog licking herself and the couch and licking my hand as I shew her away.

Watching "So you think you can Dance" in my side view as I type on the computer. My two favorite couples continue to be Brandon and Jeanette and Ade and Melissa.... there is amazing dancing on that show.....LOVE IT! (screamed just like the Hot tamale train judge....)

Eating Beef hot dogs with pickle relish and stale cake mixed in Heavenly Hash ice cream. I'm up 2 pounds since last time I weighed....I wonder why?

Laughing about Laila's latest comment, "I'm Latina because I was born in New Jersey."

Cleaning...when is it ever clean?

Staying up late, but getting up early so I can walk with friends in the cool morning hours.

Reading RECOVERING CHARLES, by the same author of THE CHRISTMAS JARS. I loved the jars book so much. I've read it the last 3 christmas' and I am inspired each year. I hope this new book brings me joy.

Soaking up the sun at Grandma Butters's really an oasis! I've been going all summer, every summer since I was born. Grandma put the pool in her back yard in 1961. It's in really great shape, and it's always good to go and swim, soak up some sun and visit with "Sweet Mother."

Loving Summer in all it's glory!

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erin noelle said...

My two sisters and I also had the boy cut at about ages 7,9,11. It was such a good look...