Friday, December 30, 2016

December birthdays

Andrew turned 10  Dec. 26th.  We celebrated with family and Pie in the Face game, presents, cake and ice cream.  Andrew is in a Troll phase now and Star Wars. Andrew is tender hearted, kind to all, a quiet player who flies under the radar.  He is so sweet to his sister and little cousins.  He got a cell phone for this birthday and he's thrilled.
 Delicious chocolate cake and Brazilian Brigadeiro    -- chocolate, walnut and coconut
Pie in the face was a hoot... of course Andrew and Alfie did not want to play.  This has too much of an element of surprise and  a mess that makes it so my little extra sensory kids do not want to play.   Sophia did it over and over again , of course, and even Tayla wanted to do it. It's interesting to me how my little grandsons are more hesitant  to try things and my little granddaughters are full of enthusiasm about life.  
 Monson turned 24 and we celebrated at TOP GOLF.  What a riot.   It's made golfing fun and accessible to all... like bowling.  You sit around and chat and eat til it's your turn to hit 5 balls...  You pay for an hour at a time, and you can have one golfer or  up to 6.   A waiter comes around takes your food order and keeps drinks coming etc.
 We all had such a great time, whether you are a good golfer or not. Even the littles loved it.  Such a fun night.  It was really sweet watching Wayne help Alfie with his club.  Not so sweet trying to help Laila with her swing...she would not have it.  We had Laila's friend KP with us too.   Even though you are outside, there are heaters, so it's really quite warm.

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