Sunday, December 11, 2016

Lights on Party

Tonight we had our first ever Lights on Party and it was so much fun…. We gathered in our dark house and “ooo’d” and “aah’d” as we turned on the different Christmas trees from room to room and sang Christmas Carols.  We circled up in the piano room with the final tree and lit the fireplace and all of the candles and then Wayne shared scripture and stories about Christ and his light in our lives.  We sang  "this little light of mine" and all pledged to share our light better… Then we passed a candle around the circle and had everyone talk about the person to their left - what they admired about them, and how they share their light.  It was sweet to hear what different family members thought about each other.  Then I presented my new painting to everyone “Let Heaven and Nature Sing” with two angels that I know are Mom and Marcie on the night of the Savior’s birth.

Tonight also included chocolate and cheese fondue and Christmas PJ’s for everyone.  Rudolph jammies because of the lighted nose…it goes along with the light theme.   The grandkids opened a gift from each other and then we all just sat around, laughed and talked and watched the Muppet Christmas Carol and the Grinch…. I was almost in HEAVEN!   Then only one missing was Tru then it would have been a perfect night. 

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