Saturday, December 10, 2016

Fun Christmas Festivities

White Christmas at the new Eccles Theatre was a treat.  Wayne and I went along with Landon and Lexi.   This is one of my favorite Christmas movies and the musical is darling. So much good singing and tapping.  I really like the message in this show of ... "when I'm worried and I can't sleep I count my blessings instead of sleep and i fall asleep counting my blessings."   This is what I try to do.   I love this beautiful time of year and all of the fun stuff that goes along with it.   This show was on Thursday night then on.....
 Friday night we were lucky enough to be the replacement guests of the Belnaps for the Christmas Symphony and dinner.  The Koffords were supposed to go but Brad got sick, so we stepped in.  So Wayne got to be Brad Kofford all night and I got to be Rachelle.  So funny.   IT was a great symphony filled with beautiful Christmas music and an added bonus of Cirque De Soleil acts happening while the music was playing.  We had amazing golden strong men, trapeze artists who caught each other just on their flexed foot..., roller ball balancing acts, hula hoop girl, a guy who balanced a Christmas tree and then a 20 ft ladder all on the tip of his chin.  Really amazing stuff.    It's always great to be with Laura and Eric too.

 This Morning we had Holly's Friend to Friend Christmas show.  We happened to be sitting right where she makes her entrance so we got this fun pic of her.  Tis show is a huge labor of love by Shelley Davies.  It really is so touching to see all of the these special, remarkable kids on stage dancing and singing with all of their hearts.

One of the last songs on this program was called "Tell Me Why,"  the guy in the wheelchair on the left side of this picture wrote it.  All of the kids were in Angel costumes and sang and signed this with him...
Tell me why I can't walk,  tell me why I can't talk
As I learn and Grow, I want to know- the answers to these questions

When I left my home above, I came to a home full of love
I chose to have a special test, a body different from the rest
I cannot talk or walk or run or sing and play and have some fun
I question why I have to be in a body where I am not free
And sometimes it's very hard to see - why this has happened to me 

Tell me why I can't walk, tell me why I can't talk
As I learn and grow, I want to know- the answers to these questions

Then I remember who I am, I came here from heaven above 
A special spirit sent from God, to teach so many how to love
I know that I am truly blessed and I will give this life my best
With special things that I can do as I share God's love and light with you
But sometimes It's very hard to see, why this has happened to me

Then I think of how I felt to sit in that room clothed in white
With my family here and more with sisters who have gone before
 They told me of a place I'll be where we could be completely free
I've seen how I will be one day in a body that can run and play
Now God's made it very clear to me, why this has happened to me

Now I know who I am and I know of God's plan
As I've learned and grown, I've come to know
The answers to these questions.

Let's just say...not a dry eye in the house.  This was so tender for everyone.... then they all sang Jesus Once of Humble Birth.  

Well we all loved it.  So grateful or Holly and for Wanee ...two elect ladies.   The best part of this picture besides being together with so many family members, is the boy in front who photobombed the pic and covered up ALF.    I don't know him, but I love him.
I love Christmas.

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