Friday, December 16, 2016

Welch Family Christmas party

It's the big extended WELCH party and boy did we have FUN!!!
Haley, Hunter, Alex, Laila, Becca, Savannah, Anna, Abby-- 10-17 year old group

30- 50 year old group.... Derrick ( Shelbi's boyfriend), Jill, Mark with baby Kingston, Holly, Tami and Rob

50 and above group lined up oldest to youngest.... Grandma Welch, Steve, Clark, Jane, Sandy with Kingston, Wayne, Melinda, Terry, Cyrrena holding Boston.

Twinning is winning... we had three sets of double sweaters.  Mark with Sandy, Haley with Jill and Cyrrena with Me.

Wayne and Wanee rocked the vests.....

20-30 age group with James and Lindsey, Sara, Alora, Shelbi holding Victor, Lizzie and Monson

Family nativity with 3 Angels, 2 sheep, 3 Mary's 2 baby Jesus and 4 wisemen.  

Lindsey with her darling baby elf...Kingston.

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