Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Eve is finally here!

We are keeping up the Cole Family Breakfast tradition started by our beloved parents in the 1960's.... 
 Breakfast at the Call home, singing  and white elephants.   We had a request this year to sing some choir music when we are altogether like we used to do at Mom and Dad's on Christmas eve.  We didn't sing the Hallelujah chorus, although we could have, but we did do a superb rendition of Were you There.  Most people sang it, I cried through it.  This is one of my favorite Christmas songs and funeral songs, since we sang it at mom's funeral as per her request.   I can still hear my mom's voice when we sing it, such a beautiful full alto.

The white elephants featured a giant poster of Bre in the Pirate Queen at HCT,; a CD of 3 Christmas carols that Fernanado put his whole heart and soul and non voice into...called Fernando's Chrimbus.  IT's really so funny and Christmas slippers!   
 Then.....bowling at Orchard Bowl this year, not Bountiful Bowl.
 THe Grandkids loved it.  Alf cheered after every pushed ball down the alley. I got a strike...and a lot of gutter balls.  It's pretty much the one time a year we all bowl and realize how mediocre we all are at it.

 German Christmas Eve... was Wunderbar!   Wayne ran into Siefried's Deli and got yummy German Deli food including Brats, Fried potatoes, Kaiser rolls, Sauerkrut, Red cabbage.... 
Laila cut out a ton of snowflakes to adorn our ceiling.
I was in love with Wayne's authentic GERMAN hat...straight from Germany 10 years ago. 
Laila and I made soft German Pretzels....they were delicious.... we were pretty proud.
Wayne cooling up our BRATS....

We borrowed Nutcrackers from the Belnaps  for table decorations.
 Gingerbread house and cookie decorating  with Monson decorating a Hitler cookie.... he's crazy.

 I was thankful Angela, Guy and Preston joined us....
Laila and Addison fashioned a beautiful red and green gingerbread house 
and then the MOUTH GUARD game.... the big mouth people are good at this...

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