Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cookie Exchange plus

Cookie Party time!! This is mine and Si's 5th year of holding this.

Cookie ladies:  ( picture taken with out Kim Farley, Penny Bohn and Nan Bruske)   On floor:  Paige Newman Dayhuff, Angie Smith, Mel Evans, Jessican Barlow, Me, Laurie Cutler.  Around circle from left to right:  Kathleen Newman, Jill Allsop, Si Foster, Diane Lake, Barbara Schwartz, Brooke Foster, Christina Barlow, Amber Crane, Kristen Fowers, Rachelle Koford, Misty Mayfield, Kim Johnston and Candy Madsen. 


AND..... for the last 4 Christmases I got to play Miss Q. in "5 Carols for Christmas."  It was a lovely, sweet time for me and my cute friends, Lindsey, Julie, Jan and Maurie..... well we got to put on our Carols one more time doing an office party in SLC at the Marriott.  We just did Act 2 and it was so much fun to sing and perform just for one night. We didn't need much practice and we all had our own costumes etc... so it was easy to get back together.  

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