Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pictures of my dad

We take a lot of pics now a days....not so many while I was growing up.  But in my mind's eye I have many pictures of my dad.
Moments etched in time.
I can see Dad  telling us to all lie down at  the Fairview Cemetery to make sure we all fit if we ever need to be buried there.
I can see Dad being the  self announced "silver bullet"  as he would bounce off the diving board, spring into the air and hold in perfect stillness a swan--arms spread wide--before the dive.

I can see Dad running the bases after an arching, perfectly hit ball to left field.
I can see Dad putting his hand to his mouth and calling out to us... "Kerloo, kerloo"
I can see Dad cooking breakfast in the kitchen, whistling and singing.  He was always so happy in the morning while his sleepy eyed kids glared at him.
I can see Dad bringing a fresh cut flower from his yard into the house to surprise my mom with.
I can see Dad in his suit and tie all dressed up for church or a night out with mom.  He always smelled so good.
I can see Dad walking on water at Pineview Reservoir.  Mom was driving the boat.  Dad was skiing behind.  I was the spotter.  We went into an inlet and there was an unseen sand bar... Dad took off his skis and  walked to the boat in bewilderment.

I can see Dad and mom standing at the edge of the blue water, gazing out onto Bear Lake, hand in hand, at the end of a hot July day.

I can see Dad announcing with a smile on his face,  as he is driving away on a family vacation, "As of now, I am on flexible schedule."
I can see dad sitting in the van waiting while we
 went from shop to shop on our sister's trip.  Dad was an every faithful chauffeur.

I can see Dad in his chair a few nights before momma passed away.  I was trying to sleep on the floor by mom's bed, so I would be ready to help when needed with throw up and meds.  It was 3am.... Dad was holding mom's hand and telling her gently, "It's okay Sheri, you can go.  I'll be alright.  We'll all be alright, you have taught us well. You can go."

I love my dad.  Happy Father's Day!

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Teri said...

Yes, he is a lovely man and this, a fitting tribute.